Wireless Earphones: Buy Bluetooth Earphones Under 3000

Though headphones are occupying most of the music world with their astonishing features, there are still people who love to use earbuds on heavy headphones. There are many top brand that produce Earbuds with interesting features. There are scores of brands of earbuds in the market and when it comes to picking the best one from many, it is quite a complicated job for anyone, but don’t you worry!  We have come up with the best earbuds collection. We also kept the budget limit in mind and collected the Budget 3000rs - Best Bluetooth earphones in India. So, why late!  Check them out! and select best one for you.

SoundMAGIC E10 In-Ear Earphones

SoundMAGIC E10 is the top notch earbuds under 3000. The earbuds come with beautiful design and quality. It is comfy to wear and provides good sound. These earbuds stands out among all other top brand earbuds. These earbuds provide best sound tones and is most used earbuds of present time. These are stylish and are also durable. They have standards on audiophile level.

SoundMAGIC E10 In-Ear Earphones

Vsonic VSDIS

Next comes Vsonic IEMs which offers best sound quality. It has graceful sound signature and customizes ear tips. The ear tips will give a comfy feel to the users. The quality build is amazing and gives balanced and clean audiophile sound. Under $50, VSonic is one of the best earbuds that user can go for.

Brainwavz S0

These are yet another best earbuds under 3000. The S0 model from the brand is one of the best the user can opt for. The build quality of the device is price worthy. The device comes with metal casing and is tight and comfy.  It offers balanced sound and has sleek design. The device has thick durable wires and comes with accessories like shirt clip, carrying case and ear tips.

Symphonized NRG 2.0 Premium Genuine Wood In-ear Noise-isolating headphones

Symphonized NRG 2.0 are one of the best earbuds under 3000 budget. Look wise, they are the best. The genuine wood usage is truly lovely to see and looks super cool. The device offers amazing sound quality. The design was given more attention and the durability is ace. The device has a strong cord and is tangle resistant, which is most common problem with other cords. The device comes with a mic for phone calls. The ear tips are made of silicone and are comfy to wear. We can say that with the wooden feature and all, it is the best earbuds at our budget.

Shure SE112-GR Sound Isolating Earphones

Shure is named for producing high quality earbuds. This particular model of earbuds from Shure is top notch especially at the price range of $50. It provides crisp sound and the bass is well and good. The earbuds come with comfy cord that does not tangle too much. The specialty of this device is that it is available in different tip sizes. So, the comfort is given big stage. It provides some really good sound isolation.

These are few best earbuds under $50. You can check out the details in depth and give them a try.